Society of Oxford University Engineers

The alumni society for Oxford engineering graduates

The SOUE LinkedIn Group

Members are encouraged to join the SOUE's LinkedIn professional networking group. LinkedIn is a well-established and widely-used professional network (in early 2010, it had some 60 million members worldwide), which enables professionals across the world to contact each other to exchange information and expertise, as well as find opportunities.

The SOUE membership has a wide range of skills and experience covering almost every aspect of engineering. There has long been a desire to establish a network between members that would facilitate sharing all this knowledge and experience: after some exploratory work and discussion, it was felt that it would be preferable to use an existing network rather than try to provide a similar level of facilities ourselves. Lynsey Thomas, a member of the Society's committee, has set up a Society of Oxford University Engineers group within LinkedIn, whose membership is restricted to SOUE members: once you have joined the group and been accepted, LinkedIn's "Advanced Search" facility enables searches to be made within the SOUE group for specific specialisations and experience.

Step-by-step instructions for joining the SOUE group (and for joining LinkedIn if you are not already a member) are available on this web site, with a brief getting started guide once you have joined. The instructions are also available to download as a PDF file.