Society of Oxford University Engineers

The alumni society for Oxford engineering graduates

Joining LinkedIn (for those who are not already members)

Before you can join the SOUE's LinkedIn group, you must become a member of LinkedIn. Please follow these step-by-step instructions to join LinkedIn:

  1. Type the following into your Internet Browser in order to open the LinkedIn web site: (or follow the hyperlink from this page, preferably in another browser tab or window so you can continue to follow these instructions).
  2. The homepage shows a box entitled Join LinkedIn Today. To join the group you will need to input the following details: first name, last name, e-mail address and password.
  3. Once details are added, press the Join Now button.
  4. The next page to open will state Let's get your professional profile started. You will now be asked to provide some details regarding your profession: employment status, country, postcode, plus (if appropriate) company, job title, industry type etc. Once these have been filled in, press the Create my profile button.
  5. The web site will now offer to help you search for your existing contacts on LinkedIn: See Who You Already Know on LinkedIn. The web site does this by checking your existing contact address book in your hotmail, yahoo, gmail etc. e-mail account. If you do not wish to do this you can opt to Skip this step.
  6. Next the web site will confirm your e-mail address by sending an e-mail to the address under which you have registered. Open the e-mail and click the link within it to confirm your e-mail address, as shown below:

    First stage of e-mail confirmation

  7. Once you have completed this step a new window will open as shown below. Click Confirm and you will be asked to sign into LinkedIn with the e-mail address and password you provided in step 2.

    Second stage of e-mail confirmation

  8. Congratulations: you are now a member of LinkedIn.

To find and join the SOUE group, follow the instructions for joining the SOUE group.