Society of Oxford University Engineers

The alumni society for Oxford engineering graduates

Mailing Preferences

Please note: this form is for those who are already members of the SOUE, to inform the Society of changes in their mailing preference. If you wish to become a member, please see the page on joining the SOUE where you can apply on-line.

The Society operates an electronic mailing list, which (after a revision to the constitution in 2013) is now the only form of communication offered to members. All mailings are available on the Society's web site, so it is easy to check if any mailings have been missed (e.g. due to undelivered e-mail); if you believe that you are not receiving messages from the Society, please contact the Membership Secretary.

You can use the form below to specify your mailing list preferences: you can choose between electronic mailings and no mailings at all. Please enter 0 for both matriculation and graduation years, and select college "n/a", if you are a non-Oxford-graduate member of SOUE.

This information is processed manually, so it may take a few days for changes to be reflected; please be patient. If you provide an e-mail address, you will be sent an acknowledgment of your request by e-mail; if you do not receive something within a couple of weeks, please send e-mail to to inform us of the problem.

N.B. You may wish to add to your e-mail whitelist or address book, to ensure that you receive any acknowledgement; we have had problems with some over-zealous spam filters discarding SOUE messages.

Please fill in all the fields marked with *. Please also supply an e-mail address if you choose to have electronic mailings, or wish to receive confirmation of your preferences.

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* N.B. Graduation refers to completing the course (thereby becoming eligible for the degree), rather than attending a graduation ceremony.