Issue 8 Summer 2009

Society of Oxford University Engineers

Welcome to the eighth issue of SOUE News

Compared with our Centenary issue last year, this one is quite a bit shorter. Our feature articles include Colin Tyrrell recalling 36 years of designing roads, mainly for Hampshire, and how attitudes to new roads have changed over that time. Now he has become a planning inspector, or as he puts it, the poacher has turned gamekeeper. Colin Axon writes about the new Oxford-based James Martin Institute for Carbon and Energy Reduction in Transport, and the prospects for it.

Professor Alexander Thom (Head of Department 1948-61) spent his later years surveying prehistoric stone circles and coming to some surprising conclusions about the intellectual and technical abilities of those who built them. Archaeologists, after initial enthusiasm, turned sceptical. David Witt reports some recent attempts to re-affirm his conclusions.

And we have the usual reports on the previous year's events, including last September's Jenkin Lecture (by David Clarke), and the accompanying talks by Daniel Walker and Richard Osborne. And there is a summary of John Beddington's Lubbock Lecture in June.

The Jenkin Lecture this year is on Saturday 26 September, by Simon Watts on radar, and we are having a dinner the previous evening. Details are elsewhere on the site.

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