Issue 11 Summer 2013

Society of Oxford University Engineers

Welcome to the eleventh edition of SOUE News

It is two years since our last issue came out (summer 2011), and quite a lot has been happening since then. We have had two Jenkin Lectures, Andrew Garrad on Windpower in 2011 and Frank Chapman on Flight-testing the Airbus A380 in 2012. And we report too on Howard Shiplee's 2012 Lubbock Lecture on preparing the facilities for the Olympics. Information about Stefano Domenicali's 2013 Lubbock Lecture on Ferrari, including a video of the lecture, can be seen on the Department's website. And we include the usual other features.

SOUE is adapting itself to a period in which alumni relations have changed somewhat since the Society was founded in 1988. At least, such adaptation is being planned, but most of it will need the approval of the Annual General Meeting on 21 September. One change the Committee has implemented already, as the Constitution empowers it to do. The life-membership subscription (currently £20) has been abolished, and we aim to include all our graduates as members. Similarly all undergraduates will be enrolled as Associate Members. But the other side of this is that we will no longer be able to afford to post letters or magazines to so many members. So this issue of SOUE News is website-only. And to those members who are currently "postal-contact only", the letters announcing the forthcoming Jenkin Lecture and AGM will explain that if they want to hear from us subsequently they will either have to give us an e-mail address, or else look at our website.

We remind you all that Jenkin Day will be the Saturday of the University's Alumni Weekend, 21 September, and the lecturer will be Andy Brown of the Meteorological Office, on "Weather and climate prediction: science and application across timescales".

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