SOUE News Issue 11

Fourth-Year Project Exhibition, 2012

This took place on 24 May, the day of the Lubbock Lecture. There were 31 entries for the exhibition this year, a record number. This is perhaps because its organisation is no longer done rather remotely by the SOUE, who did it for the first ten years, but on the spot by Cathy Ye from the academic staff of the Department. But the entries are still judged by a group of four alumni, who this year were:

Dave Barrett-Payton, Univ 1994-8 and now Exxon Mobil;

Sharan Gill, Balliol 2001-5 and now Transport for London;

Phillipa Hawkes, St Catherine's 1994-8 and now Mars Chocolate UK;

David McCabe, Balliol 1997-2001 and now Mirada Medical.

Ten of the entrants won prizes:

Joel Harland, Worcester, got the Laing O'Rourke Best Civil & Construction Engineering Prize for "Wooden mutually supporting element structures"

Oliver Montague, St John's, got the Sharp Electronics Prize for "The world's first meta-material motor"

Dan Withers, New College, got the ARM Digital Technology Prize for "Entity detection in laser data"

Emily O'Toole, Jesus, got the Sony Image-processing Prize for "Morphology of the bones of the foot using CT scans"

Alexander Lunt, Christ Church, got the GSK Excellence in Communication of Engineering Innovation Prize for "How do we analyse residual stresses at the micro-scale?"

Gareth Jones, New College, got the Best Biomedical Engineering Prize for "Optimising production of 3D scaffolds for human embryonic stem cell cultures"

Chongyang Du, St Hilda's, got the Best Chemical Engineering Prize for "Spray freeze drying"

Hannah Cutmore-Scott, Christ Church, got the Best Mechanical Engineering Prize for "Bioplastics: the next generation of plastics?"

Jyi Sheuan Ten, University, got the Best Thermofluids Prize for "Investigation of unsteady cooling mechanisms for gas turbines"

Daniel Garnett, Worcester, got the Best Hardware Prize for "A small stable platform for satellite communications antennas"

With special thanks to the following sponsors who donated all the prize money:

Laing O'Rourke

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