Issue 9 Summer 2010

Society of Oxford University Engineers

Welcome to the ninth issue of SOUE News

Our feature articles in this issue include: Tim Woolmer on the "YASA" electric motor, an Oxford invention designed for propelling cars, which by some very clever engineering achieves a massive weight reduction compared with conventional motors; Denis Gross on hydrogen fuel cells as used in boats and vehicles; and Debbie Clifford on the fascination of meteorology.

We have also the Jenkin Lecture of last September, by Simon Watts on "Airborne Surveillance Radar" and the amazing things that can now be done with it; and the Lubbock Lecture of this May, by David MacKay, entitled "Sustainable Energy - without the hot air". These are very different topics. Both were very well received.

And there are obituaries of two SOUE members who died recently: John Coates, who gave the 2005 Jenkin Lecture on the trireme reconstruction of the 1980s, and the Duke of Hamilton.

The Society, or to be more precise, Lynsey Thomas with the Committee's encouragement, has set up an SOUE group on the computer network LinkedIn. We already have about 140 members, and our President, Martyn Hurst, has written a short note encouraging as many as possible of you to join. As he says, the more who do, the more useful will it be.

This year's Jenkin Lecture, on 25 September, will be by Peter Raynes, on flat liquid crystal displays (for TVs, computers etc.), in the development of which Peter was much involved.

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