SOUE News Issue 4

Finals Prizes Awarded 2005

The Examiners recommended the following awards in respect of Final Honour Schools in 2005:

Engineering Science Part 2

Maurice Lubbock Prize for best performance:
Michael P Coulson, Keble

Edgell Sheppee Prize for excellent performance:
Nicholas Barlow, Trinity

Edgell Sheppee Prize for Laboratory or Drawing Office Work:
Moira Jane Smith, Jesus

ICE Prize for best performance in Civil Engineering:
Thomas A Adcock, St Peter's

IMechE Certificate for the best student in Mechanical Engineering, and nomination to the Frederic Barnes Waldron Prize:
William R Sweeney, Jesus

IEE Prize for best performance in Electrical Engineering:
Sinead Anne Williamson, St Catherine's

IChemE Prize for best performance in Chemical Engineering:
Matthew Swain, Somerville

IEE Manufacturing Engineering (Unipart Industries) Prize:
Annabel Ka Lai Jenkins, Somerville

Babtie Prize for best project in Civil Engineering:
Nicholas CH Cole, Lincoln (on multi-configuration deployable structures)

IMechE Prize for best project in Mechanical Engineering:
Daniel J Payen, St Peter's (on stresses in a Formula 1 front suspension)

Motz Prize for best project in Electrical Engineering:
J Marc Thomas, Wadham (on a fluorescence lifetime imaging system)

Ronald Victor Janson Prize for best project in Electronic Communications:
Nicholas JT Taylor, Worcester (on digital filters for modelling gain in semiconductor lasers)

Worshipful Company of Scientific Instrument Makers Project Prize:
Rossini T Hayward, St Anne's (on high-resolution stereo microscopy)

Royal Academy of Engineering Prize for excellent design in a project:
Michael P Coulson, Keble (on a hydro-acoustic positioning system)

Rolls-Royce Prize for an outstanding project displaying innovation:
Mark R Austin, Worcester (on associating names and faces in the news)

Engineering Science Part 1

Gibbs Prize for best Part 1 project:
Jane Buckroyd, Jesus; Thomas Makin, Wadham; Thomas Pearson, Queen's; Michael Reed, Queen's (on the design of a demountable exhibition and administrative building for an archaeological site)

Royal Academy of Engineering Prize for best treatment of sustainability in a third-year design project, jointly to:
(1st) Neil Bianchi, Somerville; Cheuk-Yin Chui, Exeter; Andrew Fawcett, Balliol; Steven Holmes, New; Stephen Marshall, Magdalen; Adam White, St John's (on a battery-driven rickshaw for Mumbai, with solar-powered recharging stations)
(2nd) Matthew Arthington, Christ Church; Peter De Blacquiere-Clarkson, Somerville; Alexander Critien, Corpus; Robert Gauldie, St Catherine's; Juliana Meyer, St John's (on design of an offshore wind-farm)

Engineering, Economics and Management Part 2

Maurice Lubbock Prize for best performance:
Nicholas J Christie, New

Edgell Sheppee Prize for best performance in an Engineering Part 2 Project:
Andrew M Wood, Somerville (on designing cam profiles for variable valve actuation)

IMechE Certificate for an outstanding project in Mechanical Engineering:
Andrew M Wood, Somerville (as above)

Engineering and Computing Science Part 2

Maurice Lubbock Prize for best performance:
Mark JP Cummins, Balliol

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