SOUE News Issue 4

Let's Hear From You!

Too much of this newsletter is being written within the Department - we would like more material from the Society's members at large. We are sure that many of you have interesting stories to tell, whether full-blown articles, short anecdotes or just personal news which other members might find interesting (the Personalia section is currently fairly short, and is mostly filled with information that the editors discover themselves - if something interesting or noteworthy has happened to you, or another Oxford engineer that you know, tell us about it!)

Please send articles, stories, notes, news etc. to the postal address on the contents page, or via e-mail to the editors:
Simon Turner at or David Witt at

And Finally . . .

"All that education, and she's gone to work in the steel mill!"

As reported by Claire Edwards in her talk to the SOUE last October, being what her grandmother said when, after reading Engineering Science at St Catherine's, Claire took a post with Corus in a South Wales steel-works near her home.

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