SOUE News Issue 2

Volunteers Needed!

Would anyone like to volunteer to give undergraduates informal advice about careers in their own bit of the engineering profession? The suggestion, which came both from our new President, Brian Cook, and independently from the undergraduates, is that there should be a list of say 10-20 of you who would be willing to be rung up for advice about choosing a career in electronics or chemical engineering or whatever. We think you should probably be in the age range 25-35, so as to be not too remote from your own student days, but yet have acquired some experience of your industry.

And we think you might want to use your home telephone number for this purpose, so that your comments won't be inhibited by colleagues overhearing you! You would need anyway to say whether it was a home or work number you were quoting, so that people would know when to try to ring you.

The scheme is obviously highly experimental, and how you handle any particular approach can only be up to you.

If you would like to volunteer, please let David Witt ( know. He will handle the scheme at the Department's end. Current thinking is that he should publicise the fact that he has a list, but not the list itself. Anyone wanting a contact would then approach him.

And Finally . . .

"Engineers make the best salesmen - except that in moments of crisis they are likely to blurt out the truth"

John Fozard, Hawker-Siddeley Aviation, quoted by Martyn Hurst in the Jenkin Lecture.

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