SOUE News Issue 2

Project Exhibition 2002

David Witt

The Lubbock day is also the occasion when the 4th year are invited to display exhibits based on their project work. We have had occasional such exhibitions in the past, but since 2001 we have intended to make it a regular event. Last year we had only 8 exhibits, though 8 very good ones. This year it doubled to 16, which was very encouraging. If it doubles again next year we will need Lecture Room 2 as well as LR3, which was just about full this time.

Viewers of the exhibition include not only old members visiting for the day, but present undergraduates too - it is their chance to see what can be done in a project before they start their own, and for 2nd-years in particular, before they decide what sort of project to do.

Prizes are offered by the SOUE, and the £100 prize for the best exhibit went to Ray Lockton of Balliol, for "Hand Gesture Recognition using Computer Vision". His working display greatly impressed the judges.

The other exhibits ranged from a diesel engine combustion study to two on the response of structures to earthquakes, with electronic and IT projects in between. Nine other prizes were awarded, to:

SongPol Chuenkhum, St. Edmund Hall. Mixing by vortex stirring;

Marcin Marchewka, St. Edmund Hall. Image Inpainting;

Richard Scullion, Balliol. SAGE, an automatic graphic equaliser.

Robert Aboagye, Balliol. Combustion studies in a Gdi engine;

Susannah Fleming, St. Catherine's. Sonar Navigation System;

Robert Livesey, St. Hugh's. Dyke Break simulation;

Tom Marsh, St. Edmund Hall. CFD and experimental study of vehicle aerodynamics;

Tobias Nevin, Lincoln. Earthquake response of masonry arches;

Alex Watson, Keble. Scaled model of a guyed mast.

Thank you to all the exhibitors for an excellent show, and to the hard-working judges, who were:

Jeremy Cooper, Oriel 1990-4, now with H2eye, London;

Andy Sutton, St. Catherine's 1984-7, now with Cobalt, Leeds;

Sarah Turner, Lincoln 1984-7, now with NAG, Oxford;

Peter Young, St. Edmund Hall 1992-6, now with Arup, London.

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