SOUE News Issue 2

Retirement of the President

Rodney Eatock Taylor

Gordon Lewis (Pembroke 1944) became President of the Society in 1993, following a distinguished career in the Bristol Aeroplane Company and then Rolls-Royce (following the merger of the two companies in 1966). He shared in the prestigious MacRobert Award in 1970 for the rôle he played in the development of the Pegasus engine, was made CBE in 1977 and awarded the Royal Aeronautical Society British Gold Medal in 1978. From 1986 until his retirement in 1988 he was Technical Director of Rolls-Royce.

The Society has much benefited from the distinction that Gordon has brought to the office of President. He has assiduously presided over the business of our Annual Meetings, for many years, and chaired the Jenkin Lectures. In 1999 he went way beyond the call of duty for the President, in delivering one of the mini-lectures at the Open Day in May. Entitled "The Early Days", this provided an entertaining and enlightening insight into the fledgling aeronautical industry.

We are extremely grateful to Gordon Lewis for his Presidency of the Society, and wish him well in his retirement from this position (while hoping that we will continue to see him at the annual meetings of SOUE). The new President is Brian Cook (Brasenose 1953), who has taken a very active interest in the Society from its earliest days, and served on the committee for several years. In 1989 he gave the Second Jenkin Lecture, on Offshore Engineering. We are grateful to Brian for accepting this new rôle, and look forward to his Presidency of the Society.

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