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The alumni society for Oxford engineering graduates

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If you are currently studying for an engineering degree at Oxford, you can apply for associate membership of the SOUE by filling in the form below.

Note that, after a revision to the Society's constitution in 2013, students of the Department of Engineering Science are now automatically associate members of the Society, and therefore should no longer need to apply for membership. However, in the case of such students who had not previously joined the Society, the extra information requested in the membership application will assist in checking your membership, so for the time being please continue to use the application process when making initial contact.

Note also that you may be required to provide evidence of your Oxford engineering student status before your application is accepted (the Membership Secretary will contact you if such evidence is required).

N.B. You may wish to add to your e-mail whitelist or address book, to ensure that you receive acknowledgement; we have had problems with some over-zealous spam filters discarding SOUE messages.

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