SOUE News Issue 11

Fourth-Year Project Exhibition, 2013

The judges were:

Richard Espiner, Lincoln 1991-5 and now BP;

Jessica Leitch, St Edmund Hall 2002-6 and now Run3D;

Ankor Raithatha, Keble 2001-5 and now GL Noble Denton;

Claire Lucas, Worcester 2004-8 and now Jaguar Land Rover.

Prizes were awarded as follows:

The ARM Prize for Digital Technology: Rebecca Grady, Wadham, for "The performers' acoustic space: creating a concert-hall stage in a practice room"

The Atkins Prize for the best energy-related exhibit: Alexander Hunt, Worcester, for "Determining the approach direction of waves towards an FPSO"

The GSK Excellence in communication of engineering innovation award: Alan Chappell, Balliol, for "A scanning system for ultra-wideband medical imaging"

The Ibex Industrial Brushes Mechanical Engineering Award: Dan Garrett, BNC, for "Origami structures with curved creases"

The Jaguar Land Rover Prize for Excellence in Automotive Engineering: Alexander Fox, Wadham, for "Sealing jet engines"

The Laing O'Rourke Best Civil and Construction Engineering Award: Francesca Golding, BNC, for "Modelling the dynamic response of ice roads"

Mirada Medical Best Image Processing and Computer Vision Award: Iona Nica, St Hilda's, for "Towards quantifying pain: processing brain signals from deep brain nuclei"

Osborne prize for the project with the greatest practical application to civil engineering or structures: Amy Ricketts, St Hilda's, for "Tomographic analysis of fracture in concrete"

SHARP Prize for Best Electronic Engineering Exhibit: David Hansford, BNC, for "Visible light communications using smart phones"

Shell Award for Innovation: Elliott Hawkins, BNC, for "Improving surface cooler technology for Rolls-Royce Trent engines"

Sony Image Processing Prize: Samuel Akinfala, Somerville, for "Combustion of an iso-butanol blend in a GDI engine & stereo imaging of the combustion chamber"

With special thanks to the following sponsors who donated the prizes:

Ibex Industrial Brushes
Jaguar Land Rover
Laing O'Rourke
Mirada Medical
Sharp Devices Europe
Shell UK

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