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August 2010: Jenkin Day 2010 Invitation

SOUE Jenkin Meeting, Saturday 25 September 2010

This year's meeting again coincides with the University's Alumni Weekend. The Jenkin Lecture will be given (at 2 pm on the Saturday) by Peter Raynes FRS, the Department's Professor of Optoelectronics, on:

"Liquid crystal displays - some surprising contributions from the UK"

His synopsis is:

"Flat panel displays based on liquid crystals have taken over the display market, and are found in a wide range of products encompassing calculators, mobile phones, computer screens and TVs. Although production is dominated by Far Eastern companies, the UK played a crucial role in developing the original technology. The UK activity contained a number of rather surprising elements. The research was interdisciplinary, involving physics, chemistry and engineering, and was between academia, industry and government laboratories, long before such collaborations became fashionable. Perhaps most surprisingly, the UK programme owed its very existence to a chance input from a politician who acquired later notoriety for other activities."

The morning talks are by:

Vilnis Vesma (Oriel 1969-72), now an independent energy consultant, who will talk on "A short history of the low-carbon future", and

Rod Smith (St John's 1967-70), now Professor at Imperial College, whose subject is: "Volcanic ash and aero engines". He has recently chaired a committee on just that topic.

For any of you who will be in or near Oxford on the Friday night (24 September) we are planning a small dinner at the Perch, Binsey, since the colleges tend to be rather occupied with entertaining their own alumni that weekend. Peter Raynes and his wife Madeline will be our guests. Many of you will remember this riverside pub at Port Meadow. They can seat up to about 40 people in a private dining-room, and there is plenty of room to park. The cost will be 30 plus any drinks (to be bought at the time). Time 7 pm. Dress informal, and guests welcome.

Saturday's time table is

10.30      Coffee in the Thom Building foyer
11.00 Vilnis Vesma: "A short history of the low-carbon future"
11.30 Rod Smith: "Volcanic ash and aero engines"
12.00 Discussion
12.15 (approx) The Society's Annual General Meeting
13.00 Buffet lunch in the Holder Common Room
14.00 The 23rd Jenkin Lecture (as above)

Telling us you are coming

If you plan to attend the meeting, please return the reply slip, so that we have some idea how many to cater for, and can prepare a name badge for you in advance. And enclose a cheque if you would like the buffet lunch and/or the Friday night dinner. By Monday 20 September please! Or you can e-mail us and pay online if you wish (see the reply slip for details).

Remember there is very little parking space on the Department's site, and what there is will very likely have been booked. We suggest either using one of the Park-and-Rides, or looking for spaces in St Giles or Keble Road.

David Witt, Secretary, August 2010

(Click here to view or print the reply slip)