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May 2002: Open Day invitation

Open Day
Friday, 24th May 2002

Programme of Events

From 2.00 p.m. displays of undergraduate project work will be on view in Lecture Room 3. A competition will be held for the best display (in various categories), with prizes totalling £400 in value on offer from the Society of Oxford University Engineers. Once again the standard of projects is expected to be very high - in recent years our undergraduates have won a number of national awards for their project work. Following last year, the panel of judges of the Project Exhibition will be graduates of the Department from the 80's and 90's, now engineers in industry. Andy Sutton, St Catherine's, 1984-7, Jeremy Cooper, Oriel, 1990-4 and Peter Young, St Edmund Hall, 1992-6, have agreed to join the panel.

There will be the opportunity during the afternoon to see the final stages of the one-week Coursework Modules undertaken by the second year students, including those on Metal Cutting & Fabrication, Mechanical/Civil CAD, Computing for Mechanical & Civil Engineers, Electronic Engineering and Intelligent Instrumentation. There will also be the opportunity to visit research groups in the department: please feel free to approach individual academics in the department to make arrangements. Details of the Department's research activities can be found on the web site

In the recently refurbished Lecture Theatre 1, there will be two talks by members of the Department, describing research on structures. This reflects the theme of the main Lubbock Lecture.

1500-1530       Dr Martin Williams
"Structural Vibrations"
1540-1610 Dr Chris Martin
"Numerical modelling of soil/structure interaction - conflicts and compromises"
1615-1700 Tea in the Holder Common Room
1700-1800 The Lubbock Lecture in the Lecture Theatre 1 in the Thom Building

In Pursuit of Creative Interaction: Synergistic Design from the Sydney Opera House to the London Millennium Bridge

Anthony J Fitzpatrick, FREng
Chairman, Arup Americas
Group Board Director, Ove Arup Partnership
1830- Buffet Supper in the Holder Common Room, Department of Engineering Science

The department is grateful to the Lubbock Trustees for their generous support of this event.

Open Day in the Department of Engineering Science, 24th May 2002

Our annual May Open Day falls this year on the 24th May. It once again provides an opportunity for all those associated with the Department - staff, students, old members, and our industrial collaborators - to gather together and obtain an overview of current teaching and research in the Department as well as learn how some of our old members have made their career in Engineering.

Our Open Days later in the summer are for schools, as part of the Oxford Science Open Days, allowing potential candidates to look round the Department and see our facilities. We are also mounting a special exhibition this year for the Royal Academy of Engineering Annual Soirée which we are hosting in Oxford this year, and this will be open to all on Thursday 27th June (the first of the Science Open Days). In September the Society of Oxford University Engineers (our old members) has a meeting which includes the Jenkin Lecture, the 'State of the Nation' address, and the Reunion Dinner. Both of these events however are in the vacation, so there is little opportunity to meet undergraduates. During the May Open Day our guests will be able to meet some of our students and to see parts of our teaching programme such as Coursework Modules. There is also the chance to see some of the current research of the Department.

The Lubbock Lecture, presented annually by a leading industrialist on some aspect of Engineering, concludes the formal proceedings of this Open Day. We are very pleased that this year the Lubbock lecture will be given by Anthony Fitzpatrick, FREng, Chairman, Arup Americas on the subject "In Pursuit of Creative Interaction: Synergistic Design from the Sydney Opera House to the London Millennium Bridge". Other lectures earlier in the afternoon will describe some of the research on Structures in the Department.

There will be no charge for tea or the evening buffet. It will be helpful, however, to have some idea about numbers of those wishing to attend the various activities. I would be most grateful therefore, should you wish to come to the Open Day, if you would fill in and return the tear-off form below. Please note that lunch will not be provided (there are several restaurants nearby).

I look forward to meeting you on May 24th.

R Eatock Taylor, Head of Department