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August 1999: Annual Meeting 1999 Invitation

11 August 1999

Dear Member

Annual Meeting 1999

The programme for the meeting on 24 September is outlined on the next sheet. The main attraction is the Jenkin Lecture to be given by David Witt. David retires this year after 36 years and, although his lecture breaks the pattern of alternating internal and external lecturers the committee felt that this was an opportunity not to be missed of hearing his views on engineering education. His title is "Educating Engineers - are we getting any better at it?" The dinner will be held in Lady Margaret Hall and car parking should be easier than in previous years.

The early afternoon lectures, which have proved to be popular, begin at 2.00pm as usual. I urge members to arrive in time for the first lecture if possible, since we have found that an influx for the second tends to delay proceedings enough to erode the time scheduled for tea.

The A.G.M. will be asked to approve an amendment to the constitution which creates a class of Associate Members. All undergraduates will be expected to become Associate Members when they first come up. When they graduate they become full members unless they ask for the return of their initial subscription.

The number of members opting to receive notices by e-mail is increasing but is still not very large. Please let us know on the booking form if you wish to change your preference.

Yours sincerely

P G Lund


2.00pm : Dr Paul Taylor : "A storm in a tea cup or big waves on the open sea"

3.00pm : Dr Fionn Dunne : "From micro-mechanical modelling to process simulation"

4.00pm : Tea

4.30pm : Twelfth Annual General Meeting
a) Head of Department's Report
b) Secretary's Report
c) Treasurer's Report
d) Members of the Committee
e) Associate Members - amendment to the constitution

5.00pm : Twelfth Jenkin Lecture

Mr David Witt "Educating Engineers - are we getting any better at it?"

7.00pm : Drinks in Lady Margaret Hall

7.30pm : Dinner in Lady Margaret Hall (Dinner Jackets).
The cost of the dinner including drinks is £40.00. There will be a cash bar open until midnight. Lady Margaret Hall can provide bed and breakfast as follows:

Full en suite : £45.00 + VAT = £52.88
With basin only : £34.00 + VAT = £39.95
Without basin : £30.00 + VAT = £35.25

Driving in Oxford and Car Parking

If you have not driven in Oxford since 1 June of this year take note that High Street is closed between 7.30 & 6.30pm but Longwall is open. Keble Road/Banbury Road junction is now closed to cars.

Car parking is even more restricted than it was. Anywhere in the vicinity of the Lab and of Lady Margaret Hall is either "residents only" or "pay and display". Basically pay and display is £1.00 per hour with a maximum of 2 hours. If you pay for a period which ends after 6.30pm there is no further charge until 8.00am. Do study the pay and display meters. SOUE cannot accept responsibility for parking tickets.

Head of Department's Report 1998-99

The text of the Head of Department's report is not reproduced here, but members of the Society may request a copy to be sent to them by e-mail. Please send requests to


Proposed Additional Clauses to cover Associate Membership

Associate Members

29. Any person who pursues an engineering course at the University shall, upon registering at the Department for that purpose, become an associate member of the Society subject to payment of a subscription of ten pounds, or such other sum as the Committee may from time to time decide, to the Honorary Treasurer of the Society, provided that such payment shall be made within 7 days of such registration.

30. An associate member shall be entitled to take part in all activities of the Society, including attending all meetings, but shall not be entitled to vote or to be an officer or a member of the Committee.

31. Any associate member who satisfies the examiners in accordance with Clause 5 shall thereupon, subject to Clause 8, become a member of the Society for life, notwithstanding the provisions of Clauses 7 and 11.

32. Should any associate member, having satisfied the examiners in accordance with Clause 5, not wish to become a member of the Society then, upon so notifying the Honorary Treasurer of the Society, he shall cease to be a member and shall be reimbursed his subscription. Should an associate member cease to pursue an engineering course at the University he shall no longer be an Associate Member and, upon so notifying the Honorary Treasurer, shall thereupon be reimbursed his subscription, save that, where the cessation is temporary, the Committee may, at its discretion, extend the period of associate membership. Except as provided for under this clause no subscription for associate membership or any part thereof shall be reimbursable.