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August 1998: Tenth Anniversary Meeting Invitation

August 1998

Dear Member

Tenth Anniversary Meeting

This year sees the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Society, and the Committee hopes that as many members as possible will attend the annual meeting, which will take place on 25th September. The programme for the day will follow what is now the customary pattern: on this occasion the Jenkin Lecture will be given by Professor J J O'Connor, Director of the Orthopaedic Engineering Centre, and will be followed by dinner in Balliol College. As before, spouses or partners who would like to attend will be most welcome. Full details are given on the attached sheet.

The early afternoon lectures, which have proved to be popular, begin at 2.00pm as usual. I urge members to arrive in time for the first lecture if possible, since we have found that an influx for the second tends to delay proceedings enough to erode the time scheduled for tea.

The notice about the Lubbock Open Day sent out in May contained the suggestion that wherever possible and convenient members should opt to receive all information on the internet. Well over half of those who replied agreed to receive information by e-mail. We are putting e-mail addresses into the data base and I hope that some of you will have received this letter in that form. I would urge all to accept information by e-mail, especially those who live overseas because it is overseas mailings that are a major drain on our resources.

Yours sincerely

P G Lund

Lecture Room 1, Thom Building

2.00 pm : Paul Smith : "New techniques for pulsed power sources"

3.00 pm : David Murray : "Vision and Action"

4.00 pm : Tea

4.30 pm : Eleventh Annual General Meeting, to include:
a) Head of Department's Report
b) Secretary's Report
c) Treasurer's Report
d) Members of the Committee
From amongst those who are external to the department Sarah and Simon Turner have completed their 3 year term and so two replacements are needed. From amongst the internal members there are still two vacancies to be filled from last year. Therefore suggestions are sought of who should be asked to serve. Please send names to the secretary as soon as possible.

5.00 pm (Approx) : The Eleventh Jenkin Lecture

Professor John O'Connor
Orthopaedic Engineering

7.00 pm : Drinks in Balliol College

7.30 pm : Dinner in Balliol College Hall (Dinner Jackets). The cost of the dinner including drinks is £40.00. The dining hall will hold up to 100, if necessary places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. The cellar bar will be open after dinner. It is assumed that members wishing to spend the night in Oxford will make arrangements with their own Colleges. However, Balliol College can provide bed and breakfast for £29.00 (inclusive of VAT).

Head of Department's Report 1996-97

The text of the Head of Department's report is not reproduced here, but members of the Society may request a copy to be sent to them by e-mail. Please send requests to