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July 1997: Tenth Annual Meeting Invitation

July 97

Dear Member

The tenth annual meeting will be held on Friday 26th September in the Engineering Laboratory, Parks Road, Oxford, followed by dinner in Mansfield College. The timetable is included on the reverse of this letter. The afternoon lectures, which were dropped two years ago, have been reinstated by popular demand. Accordingly the programme starts at 2.00 pm in Lecture Room 1.

The committee has discussed the presence of spouses at the meeting and dinner and whilst deciding that there should not be an open invitation to all spouses, any who wished to attend would be most welcome. At least one member of the committee thought that his wife would not want to come but subsequently it has been pointed out by another that he and his wife wanted to come to have a weekend in Oxford together.

Those of you who were present at the Open Day and Lecture on 30th May which we shared with the Lubbock Trustees will, I feel sure, agree that it was a considerable success. The afternoon lectures were well received and members of staff have agreed willingly to give similar talks on 26th September. Therefore I would urge you to get here by 2.00 pm if possible.

Your sincerely

Peter Lund


2.00 pm : Brian Bellhouse : "Needle-less delivery of drugs in dry powder form, using shock waves and supersonic gas flow"

3.00 pm : Gordon Davey : "Trust me to keep you cold"

4.00 pm : Tea

4.30 pm : Tenth Annual General Meeting, to include:
a) Head of Department's Report
b) Secretary's Report
c) Treasurer's Report
d) Members of the Committee
From amongst those who are external to the Department Lucius Cary and Caroline Bessant retire having served for 3 years and are not-eligible for re- election for one year. Of the internal members Alastair Howatson and Gareth Parry retire. There is also one unfilled vacancy from last year. Therefore suggestions are sought of those who should be asked to serve. Please send names to the Secretary as soon as possible.
e) Secretary and Treasurer
Both Peter Lund as Secretary and Joe Todd as Treasurer complete their 3 year terms of office. The constitution does not require that they stand down; Peter Lund is willing to continue but Joe Todd gave notice last year that he is not willing to continue. Alastair Howatson is willing to become Treasurer.

5.00 pm (Approx) : The Tenth Jenkin Lecture


Forensic Engineering - Feed back for Design

7.00 pm : Drinks in Mansfield College

7.30 pm : Dinner in Mansfield College Hall (Dinner Jackets). The cost of the dinner including drinks is £40.00. The dining hall will hold up to 100, if necessary places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. The cellar bar will be open after dinner. It is assumed that members wishing to spend the night in Oxford will make arrangements with their own Colleges. However, Mansfield College can provide bed and breakfast as follows:

Standard Single : £24.00
Single en-suite : £29.00
Standard Twin : £40.00

Head of Department's Report 1995-96

The text of the Head of Department's report is not reproduced here, but members of the Society may request a copy to be sent to them by e-mail. Please send requests to