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1908 was a splendid year for innovation. Henry Ford introduced the model T, the first mass-produced motorcar, and at the Olympic games in London women were allowed to compete for the first time. Meanwhile here in Oxford, Professor Frewen Jenkin gave the first lectures in Engineering Science!

We have seen huge changes in science and society in our first century. Our alumni have designed hydrogen-filled airships, but they have also designed jet aircraft. Technology may have changed, but the philosophy of this Department has not - teaching and researching in all branches of engineering still take place together, with a firm scientific basis. And they must remain relevant - our many contacts with industry see to that. This is a winning formula, keeping Engineering Science in robust good health.

Creating and researching new Engineering Science is a major activity, and one where our postgraduate students with their enthusiasm and ingenuity play a crucial role. But funding them is always difficult, and we have chosen this to be the main objective of our Centenary Appeal. Our goal is to establish six graduate studentships. Giving generously to this appeal will help to strengthen our research, and to train future generations of engineers.

Lord Jenkin of Roding, grandson of our first professor, is patron of the Centenary, and we will be delighted to welcome him and all our friends and alumni to Oxford during the celebration. The programme of events starts with the Jenkin lecture in September 2007, includes lectures and seminars on key topics, and ends with a Garden Party in June 2008.

As part of the celebration we look back and celebrate the contributions of those who have worked and studied here. We will also show to a wide audience the scope and importance of what we are doing now. And most importantly, we look forward. Our students have a great future before them, full of challenges, and full of opportunity.

Professor Richard Darton FREng
Head of Engineering Science
Professor Richard Darton FREng

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