SOUE News Issue 5


Dick Tizard (1917-2005) read engineering at Oriel just before World War II, and spent the war as scientific officer first at the Royal Aircraft Establishment and later at the Admiralty Research Laboratory, working among other things on anti-aircraft measures, e.g. a gyroscopic gunsight. In 1947 he went to the National Physical Laboratory, where he was one of the early computer pioneers. In 1961 he was appointed to the newly founded Churchill College Cambridge as Director of Studies in Engineering, a post he held until retirement in 1984. He was also at times Senior Tutor and Admissions Tutor, and must share some of the credit for the rapid rise in Churchill's academic reputation. He was also a keen amateur sailor, a Life Member of Oxford University Yacht Club, and active in Cambridge University's so-called "Cruising Club" after moving there, as well as a member of several other sailing or yacht clubs. On a business trip to the Isle of Wight, he once claimed mileage allowance for travelling there on his own yacht.

(His obituary was in the Times of 15 December 2005.)

Sir Nigel Mobbs (1937-2005) read engineering at Christ Church 1956-9, but it was not really his subject, and he failed Schools. "I went to some of the lectures", he is recorded as saying, "but I didn't really pay attention". Nevertheless he joined SOUE when it was formed in 1988. His life's work was to run Slough Estates, an industrial property company founded by his grandfather. He is said to have run it with an iron hand. He expressed strong views on the poor quality of much industrial building in this country, and Slough Estates evolved some very innovative methods. He was director or chairman of several other companies, Chairman of the University of Buckingham and Lord Lieutenant of Buckinghamshire. He was also fund-raiser and for three years Treasurer of the Conservative Party. Someone described him as "a radical in conservative clothes".

(His obituary was in the Times of 24 October 2005.)

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