SOUE News Issue 5

Revision of the Engineering Science Course

As Richard Darton says in his Head of Department's report, the subfaculty has "initiated a course review to ensure that our whole teaching programme remains competitive, attractive and relevant ...". The last major change to the course was in the late 80s, when it changed from three years to four. There have been changes in the details since then, but the basic structure is still recognisably the same. The course review committee will necessarily take note of feedback from current undergraduates, but the views of people who have completed the existing four-year course and then gone into the engineering profession might be still more valuable. If you have thoughts about what was good or bad in the four-year course as you experienced it, or suggestions for changes, why not send them to the Academic Administrator, Jane Frew (, who will bring them to the attention of the committee.

One change that is already being implemented is to have much longer practicals than the two-hour ones readers will remember. More controversially, the practice of assessing practical reports on a short numerical scale, in use for about 20 years until it was dropped in the late 1980s, is to be reinstated.

Coursework modules, set up at the time of the introduction of the four year course, are still going well, and are expected to continue.

And Finally . . .

It is often said that there are two kinds of people: those who see a glass as half full, and those who see it as half empty. Engineers, of course, will see that the glass is twice as big as it needs to be.

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