SOUE News Issue 3


Nigel Perry (St Peter's 1976-9, and a former SOUE Committee member) is setting up a new "Centre for Process Innovation" on Teesside. The chemical industry is well represented in the North-East (ICI, Procter & Gamble, GlaxoSmithKline etc.), and the purpose of the Centre is to do contract research and development work on advanced processing and use of materials, and at the same time to enhance the image of the North-East as a key area in the process industry. Nigel spent 22 years with ICI after leaving Oxford, and more recently worked with IBM and PWC Consulting.

Robin Salvesen (Univ, 1956-9) has written his memoirs, entitled "Ship's Husband" (The Memoir Club, Spennymoor co Durham, 2003). His working career was spent with the family ship-owning firm Christian Salvesen of Leith, Edinburgh. The book describes this, from his early days at sea through to shore-based management, but also deals with his many activities in public life, for instance in relation to lighthouses and education.

Clark Brundin, who came from California as a research student and later returned to be one of the engineering tutors at Jesus, and was subsequently Vice-Chancellor of the University of Warwick and then Master of Templeton College, Oxford, has found himself a new retirement occupation by standing for Oxford City Council in the Liberal-Democrat interest, and getting elected for the North Oxford Ward.

James Teacher (Christ Church 1957-61) died suddenly on 23 April 2003, at the age of 65. Though an SOUE member, he had never worked as an engineer. But in 1976 he inherited lands in Perthshire and Kent, and became well-known for his work on nature conservation, both practically on his own land, and as a Council Member of various conservation bodies, including the RSPB and Nature Conservancy. He leaves a wife and four children. (See Times obituary 5 May 2003.)

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