SOUE News Issue 3

Head of Department's Report to SOUE    2002 - 2004

Rodney Eatock Taylor


The two years have generally been good ones for the Department of Engineering Science, with recruitment of some very good new members of staff, many awards on the national and international scene, a continuing high research profile, and excellent progress on the new Information Engineering Building, which is now virtually complete. Sadly, however, four past members of academic staff have died during the period.


In the New Year's Honours 2004, a knighthood was conferred on Professor Sir Michael Brady, BP Professor of Information Engineering.

A knighthood was also conferred at that time on Sir John Taylor, who was made a Visiting Professor in the department in October 2003. He has recently retired as Director General of Research Councils.

Significant Awards

Academic Staff Movements

There has been more than the usual number of retirements and appointments. The four retirements listed below all took place at the end of September 2003


We were very sorry to learn of the deaths during the year of four past members of academic staff.

Other News


On completion of my five-year term as Head of Department, I handed over on 1 July 2004 to my successor, Professor Richard Darton FREng. In closing this my last report to SOUE, I should like to express my sincere thanks to the President and members of the SOUE Committee, and particularly to the officers, for all their work on behalf of the Society. I offer SOUE my very best wishes for the future, and I look forward to the continuing pleasure of meeting members of the Society when they return to Oxford.

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