SOUE News Issue 3

The Engineering School in the 1930s - Footnotes

1 Now known as the Jenkin Building

2 Oxford engineers at that time spent their first year on mathematics and/or physics [?]

3 The Professor and Reader held Fellowships: Southwell at Brasenose, and Moullin at Magdalen from 1933

4 The R101 perhaps? R34 made a successful voyage across the Atlantic. Southwell came to Oxford before the R101 disaster

5 Moullin got his professorship in Electrical Engineering at Cambridge

6 Formally called Rector

7 Hooker went to Rolls-Royce before Bristol, and later returned there. The RB211 is a Rolls-Royce engine

8 Editor's comment: it would be interesting to see how present undergraduates would cope with the Schools questions used as end-of-chapter examples in Southwell's Theory of Elasticity, 1936.