SOUE News Issue 3

Career Advisers

This sounds rather formidable, but isn't meant to be. We are building up a list of people who are willing, if called upon, to give informal advice to individual undergraduates about engineering careers in their own speciality. We have ten volunteers so far, but could do with a few more, perhaps especially in the general area of mechanical engineering. And someone in aeronautical engineering? But all are welcome. The way the system works is that I let it be known that I have a list, and welcome enquiries. When someone contacts me about a particular field, I get in touch with an "adviser" on the list, and if the match seems suitable, put them in touch with each other.

David Witt (

And Finally . . .

From a notice in the First-Year Electronics Laboratory:

"Insulation does not conduct electricity very well. If you wish to make electrical connection to a piece of wire you must either apply several thousand volts, or else remove the insulation"

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