SOUE News Issue 10

Finals and Prelims Prizes Awarded 2011

The Examiners recommended the following awards in respect of Final Honour Schools in 2011:

Engineering Science Part 2

Maurice Lubbock Prize for best performance:
Ian Ashcroft, Lady Margaret Hall

Edgell Sheppee Prize for excellent performance:
Scott McLaughlan, St Edmund Hall

Head of Department's Prizes for excellent performance in examinations:
Jack Andrews, Christ Church; Andrew Pitayanuku, Magdalen; Julian Lip Yi Tan, Jesus; Joshua McFarlane, St John's

ICE Prize for best performance in Civil Engineering:
Jeremy Evans, St John's

IMechE nomination to the Frederic Barnes Waldron "Best Student" Prize:
Edward Sorby, Pembroke

IMechE Best Student Certificate:
Malcolm Begg, St John's

IET Prize for outstanding academic achievement:
Jennifer Owen, Jesus

IET Manufacturing Engineering Prize:
Paul Baggott, Trinity

IChemE Prize, and Lonza Biologics Prize for the best final-year performance in chemical engineering:
Jack Gilbert, Balliol

Project Prizes

IMechE Prize for the best project in mechanical engineering:
Matthew Betney, Lady Margaret Hall

IMechE Certificate for an outstanding project in mechanical engineering:
Mark Baker, St Edmund Hall

Motz Prize for best project in electrical engineering:
Aleksander Chmielewski, Wadham

Ronald Victor Janson Prize for best project in electronic communications:
Megan Duffy, Wadham

BP Prize for best project in chemical engineering:
Sarah Patterson, Pembroke

HMGCC Project Prize in Information Engineering:
Kirsty McNaught, Lady Margaret Hall

Von Engel/Franklin Prize to include the David Witt Premium for the best overall project:
Matthew Betney, Lady Margaret Hall; Sarah Patterson, Pembroke

Engineering Economics and Management, Part 2

Maurice Lubbock Prize for best performance:
Tsun Wong, Wadham

Pilkington Prize for best performance in a management project:
To be confirmed

Engineering Science and EEM Part 1

Edgell Sheppee Prize for laboratory or drawing office work:
Yangshi Yu, Exeter

Gibbs Prize for best Part 1 project, jointly to:
Sean Brassill, St Edmund Hall; Jonathan Daly, St John's; Robert Gledhill, Hertford; Victoria Lawson, Keble

BP Prize for best Part 1 chemical engineering project, jointly to:
Wahbi El-Bouri; Zheng An Lo; Yan Bin Man; James Peet; Qi Nan; all of Keble

The Moderators recommended the following awards in respect of the Preliminary Examination

Shell Prizes for outstanding performance:
Alexander Wood, Keble; Edward Birkett, Trinity; Nicholas Booth, Worcester

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